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Read about tatting patterns I have for sale.

Read about tatting t-shirts for sale -- SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT FOR NOW

Here's my "Tat It and See" project -- join in and have fun !
                   Ready to start? Here is the pattern, piece by piece, as it becomes available twice a week or so:
                   Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5        Day 6        Day 7        Day 8        Day 9       
See my BLOG, containing, in part, completed specimens of my TIAS project from around the world:

See some of my beading projects.

Here are some of my interests with links to some favorite places, including some instructional tatting sites.

In my tatting gallery, see some of the pieces I've completed.

E-mail me at: diane [at] LoveTatting [dot] com
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