BEADS! Here are my first few completed projects:

My first project, a beaded amulet pouch (circular peyote stitch):

This project was taught at the Spirit of Cross Stitch festival in Des Moines on Sept. 10, 1998. This is an important date because this was my first hands-on beading. This bag is made with peyote stitch, my first and still my favorite stitch.

My second project, beaded netting (five-bead netting stitch):

My instructions on how to start this netting necklace:

My instructions (in photos) to help with finishing this netting necklace:

My first bracelet, Peyote Daisy Chain (flat peyote stitch):

I learned this from Vicki Star and Jeannette Cook's book "Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: A Peyote Stitch Primer."

My last piece of early beading is this second amulet bag I made, which is in brick stitch:

I designed both sides myself as different quilt blocks, because my mom likes to quilt: Grandmother's Garden and Dresden Heart. I also designed the matching peyote stitch strap. And the other side:

now fast forward to . . .

Spring 2007

I didn't do much more beading until years and years later in Spring 2007 when I joined in with a few fellow RV'ers who were beading with and learning from new beading friend and RV'er Linda Payne. We've had a lot of fun and I'm sure glad I've started beading again.

Here are some of my completed projects from 2007:

Diagonal Blocks Bracelet: First I made the pink and blue one--love it!!
Then I decided to use a rainbow of colors instead of just a single center color. Love it even more!!
Lesson learned: I had never used a toggle clasp before I made this pink and blue bracelet. If I did it again, I'd make the narrow part at the far left just another couple of rows longer, to make the clasp a little easier to fasten.
Here are my own detailed instructions for making this bracelet, including a webpage link where we found this lovely pattern by Shala Kerrigan.

Here's a square I designed in 2007 for the Rose Bead Quilt to benefit breast cancer research:

(I'll be adding more photos here when I can.)

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