Detailed Instructions for this Peyote Project
Copyright 2007 Diane M. Saunders

This pattern design is not mine; I wish it was. Only these detailed instructions are mine.
This lovely pattern was designed by Shala Kerrigan of the bellaonline website. Thank you Shala!!
See her online info and a photo here: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art30547.asp

Starting the Diagonal Blocks Bracelet -- Your First Block
When I use the words "center" and "border," I mean your bead color choices for a 2-color bracelet.

1. Thread on a stop bead (I use center color, but you may use either color since it will be removed later; and do not count your stop bead in steps 2a-2e). Leave a tail about 8" long.

2a. Thread on 9 border color beads. (Now you're going to go back across the top of this base row.)
2b. Go back into 3rd bead from the end (counting from the last bead added). Pull snug enough to form a 'T' on the end, but not so snug your work won't lie flat. (The holes for the 2 beads on the end should run the same way as the holes in your line of beads.)
2c. Add a center color bead. Skip next border color bead (4th) and pass needle through 5th bead. Snug up to seat center color bead down halfway into bottom row.
2d. Add center bead. Skip a bead again to go into next (7th) border bead.
2e. Add border bead. Skip again and go into next (last) border bead (the one next to your stop bead). Snug up to remove slack but piece should lie fairly straight, not curved (too tight).

3. You now actually have 3 rows done, with 4 beads each. Each row is offset from the previous row, like bricks. To finish your first block: Turn your work (like turning the page in a book) and go back across the top of your piece (top of piece is newest Row 3 with 2 center beads).

4a. Bead 1 of Row 4: put on border bead, run needle through nearest (raised) bead of Row 3.
4b. Bead 2 of Row 4: add center bead, skip a bead, run needle through nearest raised center bead.
4c. Bead 3 of Row 4: center bead, skip and run through next raised center bead.
4d. Bead 4 of Row 4: border bead, skip and run through last top (raised) border bead.
Turn your work.

5. Row 5 bead order: border, center, center, border. Turn your work.

6. Row 6: repeat Row 5.

7. Row 7 bead order: use 4 border beads. Turn your work.

8. Row 8: repeat Row 7.

You now have completed 8 rows and your first block. Rows are counted on the diagonal in peyote.

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My instructions were written about 4/2007; this page was created 8-12-07 and last updated 08-12-07