Detailed Instructions for this Peyote Project
Copyright 2007 Diane M. Saunders

This pattern design is not mine; I wish it was. Only these detailed instructions are mine.
This lovely pattern was designed by Shala Kerrigan of the bellaonline website. Thank you Shala!!
See her online info and a photo here: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art30547.asp

Your Second New Block, and each subsequent block
This is what you do after you've completed your second row of 4 border beads.

Row 1, Bead 1: Put on 3 border beads and push up close to your work. Run needle back through first of these 3 beads (the one closest to work, and farthest from needle). Pull snug to form a 3-bead 'T.' Again, bead holes should all face same way.

Now that you've increased your row by 2 bead widths on this end, you need to 'decrease' it 2 bead widths on the other end, when you get there, to create the diagonal effect. Keep adding only 4 beads per row. You've just added your first of 4 during your increase.

Row 1, Bead 2: center bead
Row 1, Bead 3: center bead
Row 1, Bead 4: border bead. This completes this row. Turn your work; keep doing only 4 beads per row.

Row 2: border, center, center, border. Turn your work.

Row 3: repeat Row 2.

Row 4: repeat Row 2. (You should now have 8 center color beads, 4 rows, each 2 high.)

Row 5: 4 border beads. Turn.

Row 6: repeat Row 5.

Now start Row 1 of New Block instructions again. Your outside row of each block should be 4 beads high when it's time to increase.

QUICK REFERENCE FOR EACH BLOCK (B = border color; C = center color) :
Row 1    3 B to increase, C, C, B, turn
Row 2    B, C, C, B, turn
Row 3    B, C, C, B, turn
Row 4    B, C, C, B, turn
Row 5    B, B, B, B, turn
Row 6    B, B, B, B, turn

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My instructions were written about 4/2007; this page was created 8-12-07 and last updated 08-12-07