TATTING PATTERNS by Love Tatting / Diane M. Saunders (formerly Diane Whisnant)

Tatted Holiday Ornaments (Nos. 1-3) -- set of 3*
(Snow-Covered Tree, Gift Package, Candy Cane)

Tatted Hearts (Nos. 4-6) -- set of 3*
(Engagement Ring, First Love, Double Ring Ceremony)

Tatted Earrings With Beads (Nos. 1-5) -- set of 5

*Some or all patterns call for the split-ring technique

All pattern sets are patterns only (not kits nor instructions on how to tat).
Photos and Patterns are copyright Diane M. Saunders; no downloading or copying, please.

Prices and Postage

The pattern sets sell for $8.00 each set, plus postage. Postage to be added for mailing to the lower 48 United States of America will be the same, $2.00, for one, two, or even three pattern sets, with an additional fifty cents added for each pattern set after the first 3, with a maximum of $5.00. (Postage is an estimate, for convenience, and may not exactly match the amount on your envelope for your particular address.) Postage outside of our 48 will be more; please inquire before purchase. Prices and postage are subject to change without notice.

How to Pay

At this time I am accepting checks and money orders in U.S. funds payable to and mailed to:
Diane Saunders
P O Box 5511
Gulf Shores AL 36547

Please allow time for checks and money orders to clear. And while I do love getting orders, this is not a high volume enterprise - I am retired, after all. Feel free to email me, perhaps, to give me a heads up so I know to expect something. Also, if I'm traveling, please allow me some extra time to catch up with these things after I get back. I'm not as fast about that as I used to be. In fact I'm not as fast about anything as I used to be. :-)

Click here to also read about tatting T-shirts I may have for sale -- SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT FOR NOW. Stay tuned - I have some ideas percolating about some new T-shirts, plus bringing back the original shirts, I hope. Let me know if there's any interest out there for T-shirts about Tatting !!

E-mail address: diane [at] LoveTatting [dot] com
[You may need to modify the email address - that probably goes without saying, right?]

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