TATTING PATTERNS by Love Tatting / Diane M. Saunders (formerly Whisnant)

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Tatted Holiday Ornaments (Nos. 1-3) -- set of 3*
(Snow-Covered Tree, Gift Package, Candy Cane)

Tatted Hearts (Nos. 4-6) -- set of 3*
(Engagement Ring, First Love, Double Ring Ceremony)

Tatted Earrings With Beads (Nos. 1-5) -- set of 5

*Some or all patterns call for the split-ring technique

All pattern sets are patterns only (not kits nor instructions on how to tat).

Pricing and Other Details

The pattern sets sell for $6.00 each. Please add postage of $2.00 for the first pattern set, plus $0.50 for each additional pattern set, with a maximum of $4.60. (Postage is a close estimate, for convenience.) Postage outside the U.S. will be more. I do take paypal if paypal funds are not coming from a credit or debit card, or please send check or money order, in U.S. funds, with your order (my address is shown below). Prices and postage are subject to change without notice. Please allow time for checks to clear. Also, when I'm traveling, my mail will not catch up with me right away, so please be patient with me.

Periodically I may have additional patterns available; please check back again.
E-mail address: diane@lovetatting.com
Mailing address: Diane M. Saunders, 411 N. 6th St. #1444, Emery SD 57332

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